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Chestnut tune
Chestnut tune

Micro Ceilidhs / Barn Dances                          for smaller budgets

Our core instruments are melodeon with a big bass drum and a caller who also plays whistles and flute during any instrumentals. We can however play other strange instruments including cornamuse, hulusi and bagpipes to add that bit of variety. Both of us are seasoned ceilidh / barn dance players with many years of experience. We can provide themed evenings for English, Scottish, Irish or American music and also some French.We have our own PA and full insurance etc.

Songs and Music

Our songs are varied from those with choruses to sing along to those just for listening. We sing and play some ancient music from the 12th and 13th centuries and up to music hall numbers and the 19th century. Some songs are accompanied and others are in acapella harmony. Our instrumentals are played on a variety of instruments including melodeon, concertina, dulcimer, smallpipes, cornamuses, hulusi, whistles, flutes - not a guitar in sight!!! However should you require a larger band we can add in guitar and fiddle.