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Chestnut tune
Chestnut tune

Dove's Vagary is an alternative name for the tune Chestnut found in John Playford's Dancing Master of 1651. While chestnuts may have female symbolism and are associated with wassails, carols and winter songs the other title of this piece from which we draw our band name is much more interesting.


Vagary can be defined as unpredictable or erratic action or an extravagant manifestation. Dove relates to Tom Dove of Exeter who appears in a ballad of 1599 by Thomas Deloney. Coming unexpectedly into wealth from a benefactor Tom Dove basically blows the lot on wine, women and song!


Our duo is definately full of fun and we are not impartial to the odd bit of revelry but we can also provide you with songs and music spanning 12th to 19th centuries for your event. Our micro ceilidh will suit smaller budgets and our songs and music are just that bit different.

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