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Some songs

Of all the Birds

Claudy Banks

Rout of the Blues

Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear

Oh Oh Antonio!

Do Me Amma


Wild Rover

The Boy I love is Up in the Gallery

Some tunes

Alphonso X  (Hulusi)

Clog Dance (Cornamuse)

Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over (melodeon & whistle)

Will You Patch My Pants (melodeon & Flute)

Napoleon's Grand March (melodeon & flute)

Mr Issac's Maggot (melodeon & flute)

Theme Vannetais (Hulusi)

Irish Washerwoman (melodeon & whistle)

Over the Hills and Far Away (melodeon & smallpipes)

My Love She's But a Lassie Yet (melodeon & whistle)

Some dances

Dashing White Sergeant, Strip  the Willow, Gay Gordons, Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Dhoon, Haymakers Jig


Bridge of Athlone, Seige of Ennis, Peeler & the Goat, Walls of Limerick, Waves of Torrey, Irish Washerwoman, St Bernard's Waltz


Red River Valley, Buffalo Girls, Coming Round the Mountain, OXO Reel, Boston Tea Party


Buttered Peas, Cumberland Square 8, Blaydon Races, Falling Masonery, Gorrey Regatta

Chestnut tune
Chestnut tune